Kenno Ruul, DVM

There are two types of people: dog lovers and cat lovers. I am definitely the cat lover. I have a very cute cat called Manny. A few years ago she had a very bad allergy. She was scratching herself violently and her whole body was covered with tiny cuts. She looked ragged and tortured. She […]

Why should cats eat chunky raw food

The living being is a very complex phenomenon. In order to ensure their well-being, they must know how his wild ancestors behaved. Cats in the wild catch a prey and eat it quite immediately. However, they must CHEW the prey. It seems surprising to many cat-owners! Cats have extraordinarily effective tools in their mouth – […]

Dr. Ruul & Over-processed Pet Treats

Well, my story is fairly straightforward. Most of the pet treats sold in pet stores have been over-processed and chemically treated. As a result, these are unhealthy in the long run.  I myself am a great animal lover. My big favorite Many suddenly got a nasty food allergy. He developed very severe itching, which caused […]