Dr. Ruul & Over-processed Pet Treats

Well, my story is fairly straightforward. Most of the pet treats sold in pet stores have been over-processed and chemically treated. As a result, these are unhealthy in the long run. 

I myself am a great animal lover. My big favorite Many suddenly got a nasty food allergy. He developed very severe itching, which caused constant irritation and inflammation of his skin. In the last trouble, I had to give him the potent hormone drug Prednisolone. As a veterinarian, I knew about the serious side effects of this drug. To avoid the worst case, I began to explore the Internet more natural treatment methods to get rid of allergy. 

In doing so, I was completely surprised! Most pet treats sold in the store are unhealthy and unethical to sell. Because they are made with using chemical flavor enhancers, my favorite loved them very much. Pets have sometimes earned a prize, but there was nowhere to buy a delicious and healthy pet treat (watch the video in the footer of the article)!




At the same time, I also happened to hear about freeze-drying technology. It is also used in the military to store food. It is claimed that the animal raw material had to retain its original properties very well during this process. I also had the opportunity to test this technology. And the results were really great! Exceptionally delicious and healthy pet treats.




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